MALKY McCORMICK – Cartoon legacies

A cartoon of Stan, given by Malky when Stan retired.

Malky was a weel-kent and welcome face at Marymass from the seventies. At the time, Irvine was fortunate to have the services of John Geddes – a creative and helpful Printer and when IDC (Irvine Development Corporation) came on the scene, they had a very talented Graphic Design Team in the shape of Tony Scott and Suzanne Stewart. Add Malky and mix!  Several Festival programmes bear Malky’s cartoons. And his well-known half man half horse figure singing ‘No neigh never’ was used on T-Shirts, Posters and Car Stickers.  Malky also produced three very witty and sharp Marymass Festival posters – they appear in the exhibition. The black and white one of the never-to-be-forgotten Folk Cruise from Irvine Harbour remains a classic.

So well thought of in Irvine was Malky that when he broke his arm – being then a self-employed cartoonist and so no income – the Folk Club held a fundraising Concert – The Puir Sowel Show. Top name artists from all over the country queued up to take part. The night was a roaring success and helped Malky in the financial sense and cemented further his strong link with the Club and Festival. Marymass brought out the best in people.

Malky went on to create The Big Yin cartoon strip, had Exhibitions of his Cartoons at various high-profile events throughout Scotland and generally took his talents to all manner of gatherings – Dinners, Birthdays, Burns Suppers and the like.

But let’s not forget Malky’s musical talents on the Banjo. Whether he had to audition for The Vindscreen Vipers we don’t know, but he was a member of that crazy band which was started at a Marymass Folk Festival. Later the Vipers evolved to become The Flying Dugz Brothers. Happy days indeed.